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Falcons vs Titans: highlights through my eyes

What I saw during the Titans game last night, and how I saw it.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

I'm going to try something a little different this weekend. I am going to re-watch the game and write out blurbs on what I saw in real time (ish). This won't be a full play by play so don't worry, but it will highlight the interesting things I see. This should help you see where I am coming from when I am writing my articles. If you like it let me know and I will do one every week. If you don't then this will be a one time thing.

*The most important things will be highlighted.

Alright. Here we go.

-First play Titans bring five, and have the CBs tight. Different mentality from the get-go.

-Lavar Edwards has been very quick off the ball. Consistently the first guy to move.

-The backup LBs did a great job keeping the TEs

-Titans understanding deficiencies from last week and keep a big DL in for as long as they can. Also keeping five on the L.O.S. to prevent those gashing outside runs.

-Verner was in tight coverage all day long. Bad calls and one blown coverage overshadow the two deflection game he had against one of the best WRs in the league. Also drew an OPI call.

-Coty Sensabaugh and Bernard Pollard look much better than they have recently. #24 continues to play well in coverage AND make tackles.

-CJ did a great job running for short yardage. He didn't dance and lose yards like 2011/2012 edition CJ would occasionally do.

-The Locker fumble was a very good run, but the fact that he had to go the full seven-yards made him forget to tuck the ball early. Not an excuse, but you can tell he is determined to run for the first, not just to get what he can.

-Morgan did an excellent job of holding his edge on running downs.

-The fact that the back judge threw that penalty flag on Verner's second deflection is appalling. Terrible call by a ref that couldn't see the play.

-The Titans do an excellent job responding by holding the Falcons to three points again.

-The combo of Levitre, Turner and Warmack is probably the best in the league. Warmack is so strong and when he cleans up his technique he is going to punish the DTs of the league.

-Speaking of those three, when Loggains has the backside guard pull to the B-gap (like on Power) there will always be a hole there. Having Levitre and Warmack on the same side of the field is a recipe for devastation.

-Mooney deserves a spot on this team. I would argue that he is clearly better than Quinn Johnson in all three phases.

-Antonio Johnson is much better than I expected. He looks like he could be a solid rotational DT, especially in run downs.

-George Wilson had an underrated night. Showed why he should be on the field more often.

-The more I watch, the more I see that Levitre is the best OL on this team. Warmack has more upside, Roos and Stewart have been better in the past, but Levitre is just better.

-Locker is a different player this year. No high-flying balls, better short area control, accuracy is night and day better, and he is making decisions quicker.

-That was a strip sack from Casey.

-Shonn Greene finally heard that Jackie Battle was going to take his job. Running VERY hard.

-That play where Morgan sacks Ryan by the arm is one of the most impressive defensive plays I have seen in a long time in TN. Excellent hand use, sheds the block, the OT pushes him on the back (illegal) and he still makes the sack. So nice.

-CJ's cut at Q3 14:15 is exactly why he is different this year. He sees the inside running lane and cuts that way. He isn't limiting himself to outside runs and bounce outs, he is finding the hole and hitting it.

-Does the same thing the next play and gets another big chunk.

-Schwenke's hands are lighting fast. He transitions from snap to punch quicker than most of the league's offensive linemen not just centers.

-Preston is so solid. It would shock me if he and Damian Williams don't find themselves in on third downs often in the regular season.

-Have to feel great for Hunter. Sets up the PA perfectly then bursts to the inside makes a great catch. Deserves some success after all the stuff he had to go through with WR coach Jefferson.

-Klug and George Wilson are probably the underrated MVPs of the game. Both made good plays that were overshadowed.

-It is scary to see just how easily Fitzpatrick clammed up after the INT. He looked very afraid to pass after the incident, and that is not what you want to see.


-Again PSA Brian Schwenke is quick, nasty and very aware of his surroundings.

-You have to feel good for Tig Willard. Local hero makes a pick in what could be his only real NFL play. I hope he sticks somewhere, the NFL needs more guys like that.