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Titans QB Jake Locker stats through three games

How has the starer done these first three weeks?

Frederick Breedon

Jake Locker has certainly passed the eye test this preseason, but what has his statline looked like?

Completion %

So far, Locker has 44 times with 30 completions. That puts his completion percent at 68%.Looking deeper, at least six of those incompletions were drops from intended targets that were undeniably catchable (three for Britt, one for Washington, one for Wright, and one for Thompson) and also one clear throw away.

Adjusting his numbers after those inclusions, Locker ends up with 36 should-be completions on 43 passes intended for targets. If my math is correct that puts him at an adjusted completion percentage of 84%. That is a far cry from last year, and it is indicative of a better season on the horizon.


The Titan QB has taken some flak for not throwing the ball deep enough down field, but I have no problem with it. Locker has essentially played one game's worth of snaps and has put up 307 yards through the air and 33 yards one the ground. If he manages above 200 passing yards per game in the Titans new offensive system then he is exceeding what is necessary for this team to win.

Could Locker push the ball down field more often, yes. But is it really necessary? With roughly a 70% completion rate while missing key players like Delanie Walker and Kendall Wright, he can afford to take his time and dink and dunk his way up the field.


Locker has only managed one passing TD all preseason, but he has gotten the running game in good position to score. Also, he did put the Titans in a few good positions last week versus the Bengals, but the kickers failed to close the deal leaving nine potential points on the field.

All in all there is more than meets the eye in Locker's 30-44, 307 passing yards, 33 rushing yards, 1 TD, 0 INT statline. I think it is time that Titans fans become cautiously optimistic about the young man from Washington.