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Falcons vs Titans: My conspiracy about the defense.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

Last night the Titans looked like a brand new team, especially on defense. So what was different?

First of all, the Titans finally showed some press coverage looks that really managed to get Julio Jones and company off of their game. Also, the Titans used some nice blitzes and sugar blitzes to put the defensive line in great situations. Wait a second...well schemed giant nonsensical cushion between DB and WR...I figured it out!!!

What if the Titans were using the preseason games to figure out which defensive coach was going to have the most authority when the regular season comes around?!

Think about it. In games one and two the Titans gave up a soft middle, were in terrible position for run support, and essentially gave WRs automatic five-yard competitions whenever they wanted. That sounds a lot like the 2012 Jerry Gray defense.

On the other hand, last night the Titans used blitzes to clog the middle giving rushers free outside lanes which was a great idea. They also had the Titans match up size with size on the outside (with Campbell shadowing Julio for most of the game) which was a VERY bold decision. And they also played very aggressively by swarming to the ball and punishing the QB. Sounds an awful lot like what Gregg Williams promised to do in the offseason.

What if the third and fourth games are just a chance for Gregg Williams to prove that he deserves the responsibilities of a DC, even if he isn't getting the title yet? If the Titans come out and have a similar performance against the Vikings with a similar gameplan, you can bet that Gregg Williams will be the guy calling the plays for the Titans defense in Pittsburgh.