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Keith Bulluck arrested in Nashville last night

Former Tennessee Titans linebacker Keith Bulluck was arrested last night after an altercation with a cab driver in Nashville.

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Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Keith Bulluck was arrested in Nashville last night in Nashville.  A cab driver alleges that Bulluck grabbed his shirt and stole $100 from him after the driver told Bulluck he couldn't take him right then, according to The Tennessean.  Bulluck a couple of hours ago released this statement to The Tennessean:

“I was out with friends last night in Nashville and was taking a cab home,” Bulluck said. “There was a misunderstanding between me and the cab driver about getting my money back for a service not rendered. At 2 a.m., things could easily get lost in translation, but regardless of who was right or wrong, I regret putting myself in that situation.”
Bulluck was charged with a Class C felony.

It is important to note, as The Tennessean article points out, that this is not the first time this cab driver has alleged this happened to him. In 2007 he accused a state senator of doing something very similar.

Bulluck has been on the TV broadcast for the Titans first three preseason games and is scheduled to be on finale. It has not been determined at this time if he will still appear on the broadcast.

It will be interesting to see where this ends up as it works it's way through the court process.