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Why the Titans should act like they have Tim Tebow

What Tennessee could learn from the clutch QB.

Jamie Sabau

Before the comments begin let me just say, I don't think Tennessee should sign Tim Tebow if/when he is available. Having said that, I think I have cracked the code as to why Tim Tebow led teams are "winners".

Tim Tebow's teams have been and will always need to be committed to the run. For example, because the Broncos knew that they needed to compensate for Tebow's questionable decision making and his erratic accuracy, they tried to establish the run early and often. With this in mind, they lead the league in rushing attempts and yards per game.

So how does that apply to the Titans who don't have Tebow?

Most of you think I am going to say that Jake Locker has the same issues as Tebow, but that would make me a liar. Locker's issues currently are that his wide receivers won't catch the ball, so this offense would benefit them more than him. Over the two preseason game the combination of Britt/Washington/Wright (AKA the starters) have dropped at least four balls and you could argue that disinterest, complacency, and laziness contributed another two drop (looking at you Britt). So throwing the ball 15-20 times a game would limit the possibility of those mistakes.

Another thing to realize is that despite mass media disdain for the Titans, Tennessee could easily have the best rushing offense in the league if they committed to it.

Analysts say the Titans made moves out of desperation and fear for their jobs, but desperate teams spend tons of money on aging defensive ends and wide receivers not talented young offensive linemen and tight ends. The moves the Titans made are to build a solid core for years to come and that is exactly what they did. If the Titans give Chris Johnson, Shonn Greene, and Jackie Battle 30-35 carries a game, and let Jake scramble or bootleg for more then that offense will run smoothly.

All this to say that Tim Tebow isn't magical, he is a product of OCs that know how to use the run to set up the pass. If the Titans would truly adapt to that mentality then they would be much better than the 5-11/6-10 team that analysts are projecting.