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Falcons vs Titans: Time for DE to shine?

Which defensive player is poised to have a good game?

Wesley Hitt

Tennessee has failed to get consistent pressure on opposing QBs, but they have faced two Pro Bowl caliber offensive tackles, as well as a Redskins team that combined rushing and a mobile QB to thwart the Titans.

So what makes this week different for the Titans? Well possibly the best defensive player (Derrick Morgan) will get a good number of snaps against a RT position that has allowed six pressures in two games. While Morgan hasn't exactly stood out in the preseason so far, he should have a hay-day facing Lamar Holmes and Alec Sovoie.

As a pass rusher, Morgan has shown his ability to bend and get around the edge which should come into play against the heavy footed offensive tackles from Atlanta. Also, his leverage and inside speed rush have been developing nicely, and this may be a game he gets to showcase them in.

Against the run, Morgan has made some excellent plays by keeping opposing running backs from having a clean lane to the next level but he hasn't had the defensive back play to finish the job. With the Titans expecting to get a heavy dose of Steven Jackson, it would be nice to see Tennessee crowd the line on first down and provide either a neutral or negative play.

Morgan is a very good player, but quick passes are minimizing his potential. If the Titans secondary can just hold on for a few extra seconds then Morgan could have three sacks and one pressure instead of the other way around.