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Tennessee Titans: The Silver Lining of Preseason Week II

Win or lose, we look at the silver lining in the Titans game each week. There's almost always something good to find for the consummate optimist.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

While there was plenty to complain about during the Titans second preseason game, there was some good mixed in. So for the consummate optimist let's turn a blind eye to missed field goals, missed tackles, and missed catches and focus on the golden rays of sunshine that are peeking through the cloud.

One of the worst things that occurred in Saturday's game was watching Kendall Wright go down with a knee injury. Probably the teams most dynamic receiver and coming out of a great camp, Wright has been slated by many for a break out season. Now that we know it shouldn't set Wright back long term, what good can we possibly find in his knee injury?

Damian Williams

Williams has had a quite but strong camp this year and had a great game against the Bengals second string with 4 receptions and 65 yards. Williams has been reliable with both his hands and his route running, and with all the talk about Britt, Washington, Wright and Hunter, has been left out of the receiver discussion. Until now.

Williams should will likely get the start in the slot this weekend against the Falcons. While better suited to play outside, Williams can show his prowess by playing all positions and will finally get to display his wares against the first team. It will be interesting to see if he can get the same separation as he does against the second string, and make himself an available target to Jake Locker. This could be his time to step up and put Kenny Britt on notice.

Other Happy Thoughts

Jake Locker

Jake Locker came away with a mediocre stat line of 12-20, 116 yards, no TD, no picks. What this doesn't show you is the key, drive killing drops by receivers that were on target. Locker alleviated concerns from his first week of preseason by looking poised and in command of the offense. He progressed through his reads and made good decisions from the pocket. If this continues, everyone can focus on the teams other deficiencies.

Offensive line/ Run game

The focus of the off season has been the offensive line and the run game. The Titans have said all along they want to return to a ball control, time of possession offense, and it looks like it's working. The offense was able to move the ball down the field and keep the opposing quarterback off the field.