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Observations around the division: preseason week 2

News and notes from around the AFCS

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports


-Chance Warmack improved, and overall the offensive line looked better against tougher competition. The offense as a whole was a bright spot for the Titans, but the defense left a lot of plays on the field. (that is putting it kindly)

-Jake Locker was very good, but his WRs let him down again. So far there have been at least five drops in two games by targets. If they can't do any better than that the Titans may have been wise to have so many pass catching TEs on the roster.

-The Titans won the turn over battle and Jake Locker was great, but they still managed to lose. While that is discouraging, that likely won't be the case nine times out of 10, so fans can cool down and relax a little bit.

*Bonus- The Jets may have lost 2012 1st round pick Quinton Coples for the foreseeable future with an ankle injury. It has been said that the timetable looks like 2-4 weeks, putting his return at week 2. Having said that, I would be surprised if the Jets rushed him back for anything less than a divisional game.

Without wishing players ill-will, the Titans may have a chance at playing a four-game streak against teams without their best players: Pitt- Miller, Hou-Foster, SD-all those WRs plus Melvin Ingram, NYJ- Coples.


-The Colts needed "Luck" in two ways as the QB underthrew a ball to Reggie Wayne that inexplicably pinballed off of the defender into Wayne's hands.

-The Colts are exactly what they were last year for better or worse: a talented aerial attack lead by a mobile QB, but both defensive and offensive lines leave a lot to be desired.


-The world is buzzing about the low hit by Swearinger and I was prepared to defend him until I saw the video. Swearinger had time to hit Keller in the midsection, but he chose to go low knowing he would hit him right as he landed. That is where and when the target is most vulnerable and after playing football for years he should/would had to have known that. I don't think he intended to hurt Keller as much as he did, but he obviously knew it would be a violent hit.

-The Texans had another good night, highlighted by a two sack night by Trevardo Williams and an efficient (but not spectacular) night from Matt Schaub.

-Nuke Hopkins was injured, but Texans have since assured fans that he will be alright.

-RB Arian Foster is still dealing with back pain, and his health is starting to worry fans. After two years of heavily leaning on Foster, the Texans may have to put more pressure on the passing game if he can't get to 100%.


-The fact that (on paper) both QBs excelled in this game, speaks to just how bad these defenses are. I have higher expectations for the Jets defensively, but letting Gabbert go 13-16 for 165 yards is ridiculous. I expect the Jags to be slightly better offensively this year with a new coaching staff, but I do not expect that sort of efficiency.

-On a positive note, MoJo looked good and he impressed with the ball in space. If the Jaguars resign him and pair him with Teddy Bridgewater the Jags could be the Colts all over again.