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Stock up, Stock Down, and perspective: Titans vs Bengals

What last night's game really means.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Before the fans freak out let me say a few things about the preseason.

-The Packers were shut out on opening night by the Cardinals.

-The Jets amassed 37 points mostly behind Mark Sanchez.

-Denver is the third worst team in the NFL in scoring offense, behind the Jags and GREEN BAY.

So again, I know it has been said before, but take the preseason with a grain of salt. Having said that, here is my stock report for the weekend.

Stock Down

Kenny Britt- Britt continuously fails to come back to the ball, and looks uninterested in helping the short game. If he can't be more aggressive and catch the easy passes then the Titans may need to take some of his reps away and give them to someone who would make them count. (see below)

Bernard Pollard- Time and time again Pollard took bad angles, and gave way too much cushion in the passing game. His one specialty was supposed to be delivering punishing blows, but last night he received much more than he gave in that department.

The kicking game- I would love to say that one kicker was bad and that the other really showed him up, but I can't. Both kickers were terrible and they cost the Titans nine offensive points. If you give Tennessee those nine points you not only make them competitive, you likely win them the game. The scoreboard would have read 12-17 heading into the second half.

Stock Up

Chance Warmack- The rookie guard looked much better than he did a week ago and he did it against better players. He was great in the running game and he engulfed defenders in the passing game. Warmack still has some things he needs to clean up technique wise, but overall he looked very good.

Jake Locker- I charted Locker's statline as 12-20 with four drops and a throw away. With an adjusted completion percentage of 85%, Locker provided the accuracy needed to lead his team to win but careless drops cost him a chance to prove it. If he had Damian Williams out there instead of Kenny Britt that game might have been much different.

Damian Williams- Speaking of Williams, the former USC Trojan and Arkansas Razorback has proven himself time and time again, and he didn't disappoint on Saturday. Williams caught everything thrown to him and he consistently provided big plays with the Titans needed him. Why they don't have him on the field more is beyond me. Every time Kenny Britt drops a ball, instead of him doing 10 pushups he should have to give up 10 snaps to Williams.

Jurrell Casey- So, we all saw Casey treat Dalton like a high school quarterback right? Casey was quick and made a huge play that could have changed the course of the game. If Casey can continue to develop, he could be the next Titan to receive an extension.

One to watch

Kendall Wright- Kendall had one of his best games as a Titan on Saturday night, but the knee injury is worrisome. If Wright does just have a knee sprain, maybe he can rest up and be a starter when it is time to play the Steelers, but even then he will likely have to split reps with Williams.