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Kendall Wright injury update

Kendall Wright left the field on a stretcher during Saturday night's preseason game against the Bengals. He told Jim Wyatt the he is worried about his knee. Should we?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The Titans are really counting on Kendall Wright to have a breakout year.  That might be on hold for a while after he injured his knee in Cincinnati Saturday night.  Jim Wyatt talked to Wright about the injury after the game, and Wright said he is worried about it:

"I am pretty worried about it right now because it is stiff,’’ Wright said. "I tried to walk on it, but had to get on the cart."

Wright did go on to say that he didn't think it was his ACL because he didn't hear a pop. I guess that is something that can help us all sleep better tonight.

There won't be anything official on the injury until the team gets back to Nashville and Wright is able to have an MRI. Until then we will just have to keep our fingers crossed that Wright's diagnosis of a sprain is the correct one.

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