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Titans vs. Bengals final score: Defense looks terrible in 27-19 loss

Jake Locker looked good tonight, but the Titans first team defense looked just like the 2012 version. In case you don't remember, that isn't a good thing.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Here are some observations from the first team tonight:

  • Akeem Ayers and Kendall Wright were carted off the field.  That is very worrisome for a team that needs all of the playmakers it can get.
  • Jake Locker looked in command tonight.  He still didn't take too many shots down the field, but he was accurate on almost all of his throws.  I liked the way he moved around the pocket.
  • The first team defense was horrific minus the nice play by Jurrell Casey.  They couldn't cover anyone and couldn't tackle.  That is not a recipe for success.
  • Tommie Campbell is not an NFL cornerback.  He just isn't.  It is time for this coaching staff to give up on that experiment.
  • The run game looked solid again.  I really like the combination of Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene.  That is good because it looks like the Titans are going to need to hold the ball for about 35 minutes a game to win.
  • Damian Williams had a really nice night.  That was good to see.