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Titans players to watch: Offense

Which players should you focus on during tonight's game versus the Bengals.

Grant Halverson

The Titans draw a tough preseason matchup tonight with the Cincinnati Bengals, which players could be the linchpins of the game? This is my take.

David Stewart vs Margus Hunt

Hunt isn't J.J. Watt despite what his measurable and coaches may say, in fact right now he is closer to Ropati than Watt. He has elite length and good strength but he doesn't know how to play with leverage or bend yet, and that really limits his functional strength. It will be nice to see Stewart back in action, and it would be great to see him be aggressive and grind down the rookie defensive end.

Chance Warmack vs Geno Atkins

Possibly to most anticipated matchup of the night, Warmack has a huge obstacle in Geno Atkins. Atkins is the consensus best 4-3 DT in the game and he is equally effective in defending the run and the pass. If Warmack can prevent Geno from getting a sack or TFL tonight I would be VERY impressed with the rookie and it would go a long way in proving his development.

Kendall Wright vs Brandon Ghee

Despite everyone wanting to see a Kendall Wright vs Adam "did he have a nickname I am forgetting?" Jones, the Titans tend to play Wright inside, where the Bengals use Jones as a boundary corner. Wright will have to go against a more under-the-radar player that has preformed well recently, Brandon Ghee. Both Ghee and Wright are slight players who rely more on their speed and C.O.D. to beat opposition, so this should be an interesting matchu- PACMAN...that was the nickname I forgot earlier...that was gonna bug me all day.