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Deeper look: Karl Klug preseason week 1

Speaking of checking in on Chance Warmack, how did Karl Klug preform?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This story was so popular last weekend, that I thought I would kick off the weekend with a surprise piece on how DE/DT Karl Klug did versus the Redskins.

Snap 1- Klug lines up at 1-tech on 3rd down. Klug draws a double team, but fails to get penetration.

Snap 2- Again in 3rd down, Klug lines up inside but as a 3-tech. Klug and Casey preform an "TNT" stunt and Klug shucks his man and had a clear shot at the QB. Unfortunately the coverage didn't hold up on the back end.

Snap 3- 1st and Goal from the nine, Klug lines up as a 1-tech. The Skins run a zone run away from Klug. He attacks the backside shoulder of the center and splits the gap then works down the line. Gets tangled up with the center and causes a pile. Not an ideal play, but he eliminated the cutback line and managed his assignment. Overall he did as much as he could do.

Snap 4- 2nd and three, still in a four-down DL Klug lines up at DE splitting the TE and LT. Klug bullrushes the LT taking the LG along with him. The RB goes over to chip as well, but it is a naked boot and the QB is rolling away from Klug. Nothing he could have done.

Snap 5- 2nd and 13. Klug is base 3-tech. As soon as the ball is snapped he beats the LG off the ball. Klug rips and gets into the backfield with ease, great pressure and he gets a hand in the QB's face. Forces a quick throw away.

Snap 6- 3rd and 13, base 1-tech. Nasty swim move leaves his blocker in the dust (Q1 6:03). Klug takes the QB down and forces an INC. SHOULD have gotten a sack here, very close.

Snap 7- Klug gets great extension, and bull rushes his lineman into the QB's lap. Good play, but again no one takes advantage of the errant throw.

Snap 8- On 1st and 10 with the offense's back up against the endzone, Klug penetrates but get pulled out of his lane. He continually is beating his man, but he doesn't get to the QB.

Snap 9- Lining up as a base DE in the Titans 4-3 overhang look. Klug works his way down the line and gets off of a block. He ends up forcing the RB to take a cutback lane.

Snap 10- Again as a DE, he can't get the TE's hands off of him and he never gets a chance to attempt a move to shed his block.

Snap 11- Base DE, Klug uses a swim move to disengage from the offensive lineman but goes away from him. He then makes a GREAT effort and makes the tackle 10 yards down the field.

Snap 12- Still DE, Klug chips the TE on a quick pass and the QB looks somewhere else.

Snap 13- DE, Klug runs a circle (not a good thing) around a OT and take himself out of the play.

Snap 14- 5-tech, Klug abuses his offensive lineman, but doesn't have the lateral agility to make the play at/behind the L.O.S. Again though, he makes a terrific effort down the field.

Snap 15- DE, stopped at the L.O.S.

Snap 16- 5-tech, just when I was doubting Klug's ability he shed and works down the line so quickly. Makes tackle from behind in the backside B-gap. Impressive.

Snap 17- 5-tech, beats his man in ~one second but another quick pass.

Snap 18- DE, one-on-one with the TE. Stands him up and reads the backfield waiting for the play (correct procedure), but the play was made before it got to him.

Snap 19- Weird play, Klug is backside DE and the RB tried to find a cutback but he is waiting. Klug barely manages to get a piece of him and it knocks the RB off balance and officially is a solo tackle. (Q3 12:34)

Snap 20- DE, Klug is a non-factor here. Deep quick pass away from him.

Snap 21-Finally another DT snap. Klug lines up at 3-tech, reads and reacts to the play and is in the backfield in a half-second. Unfortunately he over-persues and only manages to grab a piece of jersey as he flies past.

Snap 22- DE. Klug was double-teamed play side, and they ran the ball right behind him. The LB was late reading the play, but Klug still should have anchored and split or caused a pile.

Snap 23- DE. Big formation, Klug gets lost in the bodies and ends up hand fighting with offensive lineman.

Snap 24- 3-tech. Beats his guy and gets held. Win defense.

Snap 25- DE. Quick pass, but incomplete so another neutral play.

Snap 26- DE. Good initial push, but buries his head and loses the ball.

Summary: By my count that is nine plays at DT and 17 plays at DE. I think that we will see more of him as an interior pass rusher during the regular season, but right now it is good to get his feet wet at DE. As for his play in the preseason game, its hard to give a right answer.

On one hand, if you consider success to mean he was productive then he had a mediocre day. Four tackles and some pressure aren't going to get you a contract for $10 million per year. However, as a disruptor and technician you would be hard pressed to find many bad plays on him. Overall he is a valuable role player that is great to have when you need interior pressure, but he isn't someone you want to have start every game.