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Pete Prisco predicted the whole season and everyone is talking about it

Prisco predicted the entire NFL season yesterday. How did he do?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

Pete Prisco is a pot stirrer.  You already know that.  Yesterday he wrote an article where he predicted the outcome of every single game in the 2013 NFL season.  I don't need to tell you how ridiculous that is.  Every single year in the NFL there are a couple of teams that everyone thinks are going to be really good that end up being really bad and vice versa.

To Prisco's article, he predicts that the Titans will go 7-9.  I think they will be better than that, but if we are bring honest, 7-9 is not a ridiculous prediction for the Titans.  He has the Titans losing to the Arizona Cardinals, which I don't see happening, but other than that it is hard to argue with much he did on paper- but games aren't played on paper.  They are played inside TV sets.

So anyway, I welcome your thoughts on this article.

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