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Titans roster watch: The back-end should be about upside

What should Ruston Webster consider when making the final few decisions about the Titans roster on cut down day?


So I sparked quite a debate yesterday when I posted that the Titans could just go ahead and cut both Darius Reynaud and Marc Mariani so as not to eat an extra roster space with a guy that is just going to be a returner.  While I still believe in that being the correct option, I do believe that the final few guys that make the roster should be "upside guys"- meaning guys that you feel like can develop into something dynamic.

Michael Preston is the perfect example of that.  He has the skill set to be a really good receiver in this league.  I would hope they would keep him over a guy like Jackie Battle.  While Battle has performed well in camp and the first preseason game, he doesn't have a lot of upside and would be buried on the depth chart behind Chris Johnson and Shonn Greene.  He isn't seeing the field.

Preston might not see the field this year, but he could very well be in the mix next year when Kenny Britt probably isn't here and Nate Washington might not be here.  It makes sense to keep him over Battle, Mariani and Reynaud.

Now of course there are other considerations here like if a guy can play special teams or not, but upside should be at the top of the list when the cut decisions are being made.

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