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Film Review - Titans/Redskins: The Counter

Fantastic execution on a basic playcall led to one of the most explosive plays of the game against the Redskins.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

On the Titans third drive against the Redskins, Chris Johnson had been relieved of his duties and Shonn Greene was inserted at running back.  The play below is nothing revolutionary.  It's a basic counter play, but the execution is flawless.  The backside of the play, which looks like the frontside at the beginning, essentially blocks down toward the sideline.  Note, however, that with the exception of Warmack pulling, this initially appears like a zone play.  The backside blockers (everyone but Warmack) block down.  Warmack pulls and kicks out the force player on the edge, while Quinn Johnson seals off the inside defender.  Greene does the rest.


A few things caught my eye on this play:

  • Warmack is quick pulling the edge.  He's a big guy, but he has quick feet.  I thought Levitre showed similar quickness on the Power play on 4th down this drive.  This is refreshing given the struggles we've had recently pulling our guards (Hutch in particular).
  • The TEs here deliver devastating blocks.  Stevens makes the highlight block (on the inside), but watch Thompson on the outside.  He seals his guy inside, and then takes on the inside linebacker to finish the play.