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Titans training camp: A headline I hate

There is going to come a day for Jake Locker that his every throw in practice isn't scrutinized. Unfortunately, that time is not here yet.

Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

This morning I logged on to The Tennessean website and saw this headline "Titans' Jake Locker rebounds from poor practice." I hate that headline. There is absolutely no reason to be riding this roller coaster of practice performances.

We can go around and around about what this season means for Locker and the Titans, but we can all agree that how we ultimately judge him will be based on how he performs on the field in September through December- not August.

Frank Wycheck was going crazy about this on the radio the other morning. He said there were plenty of times that Steve McNair threw multiple interceptions in practice, and no one talked about it. Of course the difference there is that McNair had proven that he could get it done on the field.

That is all it will take for Locker. If he can have the solid year this year that I believe he will have, we will be spared the practice stats next year. I cannot wait for that.

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