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Deeper look: Chance Warmack preseason week 1

How did the rookie perform?

Frederick Breedon

The Titans have a talented rookie in Chance Warmack, but his first outing wasn't perfect. Here is a play-by-play breakdown of Chance's first game.

*Prologue- It should be noted that the offensive line as a whole was exceptional, the backs had easy running lanes and as a unit they were great. Pass-pro was a little soft, but they allowed less sacks than nine other teams and were competing against two All-Pro pass rushers.

Snap 1- Warmack has a down block on DT Jarvis Jenkins. Good initial position, but doesn't punch his hands and Jenkins extends and sheds leaving Warmack on the ground. Mixed results because he did occupy JJ enough so that he couldn't make the play and CJ runs behind him for two-yards.

Snap 2- Shares pass pro responsibilities with Otto vs JJ. Punches and keeps his head on a swivel for blitzers. Exactly what you want.

Snap 3- Ryan Kerrigan lined up at DT vs Chance pre-snap. On second glance sack isn't entirely Warmack's fault. Pocket collapsed, but Locker could have scrambled to his left or dumped it of to CJ. Just a good defensive play, the Skins get pressure from all directions and in 3rd & 8 you can't really accept the dump-off.

Snap 4- Great zone block tech. Walls of entire B-gap (between RG/RT) and leaves Chris a clear hole for four or five yards before contact. CJ sees the cut back and goes 50+ yards for a TD. Great job by all involved.

Snap 5- Great pass pro, knows his responsibility is to take the DT from the center. Allows Rob Turner to get to Levitre.

Snap 6- Solid pass pro on his side, but Locker gets sacked from the other side. Really looks like Orakpo was about a foot offsides...

Snap 7- Another great ZBS play from Warmack vs Stephen Bowen. Keeps his hands on the guy as he is moving and keeps great position. Seven-yard run behind his block.

Snap 8- Another great pass pro vs JJ. Bodies him up, and you can tell Locker is comfortable in the pocket. Completes a medium pass to Washington.

Snap 9- Short yardage run play against Chris Neild. Design is for the play to only go a few yards and to pound it behind Warmack. The play works, but Warmack doesn't exactly bulldoze his guy. Ends up on his behind by the time the play is over, but he does move the guy out of the B-gap. So not great, not awful.

Snap 10- Exceptional ability for his size to get to the next level. Takes out the LB with a cut block, and provides Greene with the backside protection he needs for a four-yard run.

Snap 11- Doesn't anchor down in pass pro, but locks onto his guy. My guess is that it was a designed quick throw, which is why he doesn't have great technique. Decent pocket, Locker completes for a first down.

Snap 12- BEAUTIFUL PLAY. Warmack pulls so well and instead of lunging at the DB and creating an opportunity to miss him or to minimize the hole Greene has, he stays square and walls him off. Perfect execution. You see NFL vets that make his same pull and go for the big hit, usually they end up turning what would have been a highlight reel run into a mediocre play because they want to be noticed. Great!

Snap 13- Good job selling the run fake. Gets inside leverage and a healthy punch on the defende.

Snap 14- He has a deep pull step, which is good because it allows him to move without tangling his feet with other OL. Great vision and understanding of the play.

Snap 15- Maybe a little bit of holding here, but if the refs don't call it I have no issue. Keeps JJ from penetrating, and give Locker a clean pocket.

Snap 16- No impact on this play. He chooses to cut a DL that is already engaged, my thinking is that he believed Turner was going to go up to the second level. Takes the safe choice, but also kills a cutback lane (not that Battle is that type of RB) so neutral play.

Snap 17- Otto/Warmack/Turner go three-on-two with the DT/DE in pass pro. Great effort and the collective OL gum up the right side preventing any pressure.

Snap 18- Warmack gets punched in the face, literally. JJ goes hands to the face, but only because Warmack was complacent again in the quick pass technique. If he would just extend his arms he would be much better, but right now he is just a human shield.

Snap 19- Crunch! Warmack pulls, creates a seem, and knocks a LB out of the play. This is what Warmack will do best in the NFL, a gritty run blocker that you can ask to pull. Nine-yard run, negated by a backside holding penalty.

Snap 20- Pass pro was decent, but he caught his guy instead of attacking. Again, I think this is a technique issue he has on short passes. Not a terrible habit, but not ideal.

Snap 21- As I say that, he tries attacking on the next short pass and misses his guy. Leaves his feet planted instead of moving them. Ends up on the ground and forces Jake to get rid of it quickly. Drop by Britt.

Snap 22- GREAT job on the screen. Veteran move to chip the stunting DT, who would have made the play. Then gets out and provides a shield for RB. Exceptional run by Battle for a 18 yard first down.

Snap 23- Creates a great seal, but Kendric Gholston beats Velasco preventing the RB from making it that far.

Snap 24- He and Otto cut their assignments in unison. Good play, eliminates his guy.

Snap 25- Allows a little bit of pressure from JJ, but would have kept him off of Locker.

Snap 26- Crushing double team block against DT, sends him four-yards back.

End of Snaps

Summary- You can tell Warmack can be a devastating run blocker, especially in space, but he needs work on his short pass sets. He needs to be more aggressive without letting his technique suffer. You can also see that both the OC and Locker are completely comfortable with him despite him only having a handful of practices with the team. They often run the ball behind him with success and when Locker has a medium/long pass play called he always looks to step up into the right side of the pocket.

Time will tell, but I am pleasantly surprised with my analysis of Warmack's first game in blue.