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Preseason won't get any easier for rookie Warmack

A look at the matchups Warmack will have to deal with in preseason.

Chance Warmack has all of the potential to be an elite guard in the NFL, but his tape versus the Redskins left a lot to be desired. I'm not saying that Titans fans should be worried about him starting, but it is going to get a lot worse before it gets better.

If the Bengals play their starters, Warmack is looking at a battle against a lethal dual-threat defensive lineman on par with J.J. Watt in terms of dominance: Geno Atkins. Atkins has a lethal combination of size and speed that he has armed with a lethal arsenal of pass rush moves. However, this competition is a great thing for Warmack.

If Warmack has to watch film on Atkins all week, he will release just how fast and strong defensive tackles in the league are. Warmack will have to keep his feet moving and polish up his technique to prevent Atkins from getting the best of him consistently.

When watching practice this week, look at Warmack's feet in pass protection drills. If he is constantly resetting and driving then that will mean that coaches are getting through to him and that he is developing. If he just plants his feet and catches the defender then it might mean that Locker is in for a world of hurt come next Saturday.