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What big Titans news did you miss during the game?

Something very important to the Titans season opener happened on Thursday, did you miss it?

Jared Wickerham

Even though the Titans preseason game was a breath of fresh air after months of ESPN programing like "college bowling" and "Division III thumb-wrestling" (ok the second one is fake), there were two big pieces of info overlooked by most during the action.

Both Matt Spaeth and Plaxico Burress will miss the opener against the Titans.

Now, neither of these players are exceptionally dangerous but that isn't the only loss/injury the Bengals have suffered this offseason. This is piled on top of the departure of Mike Wallace and the injury to Heath Miller. With four of the veteran pass catchers out of the lineup, Big Ben will only have TWO wide receivers available that he has thrown a touchdown to in the last year.

With that level of inconsistency, combined with the poor quality of the offensive line, the Titans will have more than a good chance to beat the Steelers.

If the Titans can keep the incredible running effort up, then this would be a great way to start the season.