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Kenny Britt is a beast

In case you didn't already know that Titans wide receiver Kenny Britt is a beast, tonight we have photo evidence.

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

We all know that Kenny Britt has the chance to be a really special receiver in this league. Here are a couple of pictures from today's practice, taken by Brian Hill (You can see more of his work here and follow him on Twitter @brianhill1. Check out his stuff because it is awesome and he is allowing us to use his photos here at MCM.), that prove just how good Kenny Britt is:


Now shot he comes down with that ball, right? WRONG!


Britt is going to put up some huge numbers this season, if he can stay healthy. Unfortunately that has always been a huge if with Britt.

I have a feeling that will change this season with Britt being in a contract year. He knows what is at stake this year.

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