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Listen to Last Night’s MCM Radio!

Download it, stream, love it.


Last night's MCM Radio was one of the more fun episodes we've done in a long time, and it's all due to of the awesomeness of the callers. We had several first time callers jump in, and they represented Titans fans from New England to Hotlanta, from Baltimore to Cincy, and everywhere in-between.

We covered all of the developments coming out of the first serious week of Titans camp, the Chance Warmack hold-out/signing, Brian Schwenke's injury and so much more. Plus, you'll want to hear the bonus time talk regarding Jeff Fisher's Rams opting to wear the '99 throwbacks when the Titans come to town.

Needless to say, much blood was boiling.

You can stream the show through the BTR app below, or you can download it through iTunes as a podcast. We'd love it if you subscribed through iTunes, and if you love the show, take a minute to leave us a great review so more Titans fans can find us!

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