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Did the Tennessee Titans improve? OL edition

Simple question for you: Did the Tennessee Titans improve on the offensive line from 2012 to 2013?


The 2013 roster continues to whoop the 2012 roster. That isn't going to change any with this post. In fact, anyone who votes no in this poll will be immediately banned (actually there might not even be a "no" option).

2012 offensive line: David Stewart, Leroy Harris, Fernando Velasco, Steve Hutchinson, Michael Roos, Deuce Lutui, Byron Stingily, Kyle Devan, Mike Otto, et al
2013 offensive line: David Stewart, Andy Levitre, Fernando Velasco, Chance Warmack, Michael Roos, Mike Otto, Brian Schwenke, Chris Spencer, Rob Turner

Advantage: 2013

Like I said above, the 2013 offensive line is miles, MILES better than the one in 2012. In fact, the 2013 offensive line has at least three back-ups that are better than Harris. Three might actually be a conservative number.

The only concern that I have with this line is that the five starters didn't get to spend any time together in the offseason. It does take time for a line to gel. With that being said, I will take an un-gelled (is that a word?) 2013 line over the 2012 line every day of the week...and twice on Sunday.

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