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How Did The Dallas Cowboys Grade The Titans Draft?

Where did the Cowboys have the Titans players ranked in the 2013 NFL Draft?

Frederick Breedon

About a month ago, you may remember the pictures of Jerry Jones standing in the Dallas Cowboys' war-room on draft day talking to reporters. Thanks to a lot of people with super good eyesight and a lot of time on their hands, the Dallas Cowboy's entire whiteboard was reconstructed to see where they had players ranked going into draft day.

I figured it would be interesting to see where the Titans rookie class falls on the Cowboys big board and compare how the two teams viewed the players.

* Chance Warmack was listed next to Jonathan Cooper with first round grades. No surprise here as these two guards seemed a consensus across the board.

* The Titans surprise pick Justin Hunter had a second round grade on him from the Cowboys, after DeAndre Hopkins and Terrance Williams.

* Perhaps the most "comforting" of the valuations was that of Blidi Wreh-Wilson. The ‘Boys had BWW with a second round grade and the fifth cornerback overall on their board. Having missed out on a major run on cornerbacks between Justin Hunter and Wreh-Wilson, the Titans may have gotten a steal.

* Zaviar Gooden, Lavar Edwards, Brian Schwenke all had 5th round grades according to the Cowboys. It's interesting to note that Jerry Jones got nervous on missing out on Travis Frederick and pulled the trigger on him in the first round, even though their own board had a second round grade. The Titans had Brian Scwhenke as their top overall center which the cowboys didn't have listed until the fifth round. I'm going to go with Mike Munchak and Bruce Mathews on this evaluation. It will also be interesting to see how much a reach Gooden was in the 3rd round, or if the Titans found another Zach Brown.

Not that I want the Titans intentions or board actually leaked out, but I would love to see their board from the draft this last year, or any year for that matter. It would be interesting to see how closely they followed a Best-Player-Available strategy, and when they made concessions due to a need at a position. I believe they had no intentions of drafting a center but when Schwenke was still sitting there in the fourth round, they just couldn't pass on the value.