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Williamson ranked AFCS Tight Ends, was he right?

Matt Williamson ranked the divisional TEs in the AFCS. What did he think about the Titans, and was he right?

Thearon W. Henderson

Friday, ESPN's Matt Williamson released his list ranking who had the best TE group in the AFC South. Here is a quick look.

Williamson’s AFC South tight end rankings:

1) Colts (Coby Fleener, Dwayne Allen, Justice Cunningham)
2) Titans (Delanie Walker, Craig Stevens, Taylor Thompson)
3) Texans (Owen Daniels, Garrett Graham, Ryan Griffin)
4) Jaguars (Marcedes Lewis, Isaiah Stanback)

A summary of Paul Kuharsky's comments can be found here, and he has some interesting takes on the list.

Personally, I think it really depends on your classification for the rankings. In terms of pure ability at the position I would rank Tennessee #1. As a group, they are the only team with three viable starting options. In their scheme any of the top three guys could probably shine.

Also, they have the most well-rounded group. Walker, Stevens and Thompson are all capable pass catchers that are punishing blockers. The Titans could very well run an offense with where Walker and Stevens are in-line blockers and Taylor Thompson is at FB. Then, they could shift those pieces around to get easy match ups.

Overall I would rank them: Titans, Colts, Texans, Jaguars and in terms of upside I think Coby Fleener and Taylor Thompson are in a dead heat.