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Chris Johnson vs. Eddie George

The Tennessee Titans don't have the longest history, but they have had two amazing running backs.

Andy Lyons

A commentor on a post recently said that Chris Johnson was not only the best football player on the team, but also the most marketable. While I don't think this is true it did remind me of a debate started by Joshua Huffman over at Titan Sized earlier this summer.

Who's the better running back: Chris Johnson or Eddie George?

Their styles are obviously very different, as are their personas and attitudes on the field. I find it amazing how cut and dry fans that fall on both sides of this issue believe the debate to be. Many seem to fall completely on one side or the other and fail to admit that the debate is closer than they think.

Eddie George had a long career as a vital piece on the Titans offense. His leadership and humbling attitude endeared himself to the fans almost as much as his hard hitting play did. Steve McNair may have been the captain and leader of the team, but Eddie George was the spirit and heart.

Chris Johnson is incredibly gifted and dynamic. He has had the greatest season ever by a running back while amassing a combined 2,509 all purpose yards from scrimmage. His hold out and huge contract, combined with what can be perceived as a "me first" attitude has put a handful of fans off that would probably admit he's the best football player on the team otherwise. With age comes wisdom, and Chris Johnson has been changing his tune as of late.

His public responses this off season show a maturity and team first attitude that the highest paid player on the team should portray. While the book hasn't been finished on Chris Johnson, he's on path to have a Hall of Fame career, and never misses time due to injury.

Career Stats

Chris Johnson (2008-2012)

Rush Yards: 6,888, 4.7 Avg.

Receiving Yards: 1,658, 7.2 Avg.

Eddie George (1996-2004)

Rush Yards: 10,441, 3.6 Avg.

Receiving Yards: 2,227, 8.3 Avg.

The bottom line for me comes down to how the question is asked. Are you asking for the greatest player to wear a Titans jersey? Or are you asking which player is the greatest Titan? While Chris Johnson may be a more prolific player, Eddie George also made those around him better. He inspired others and meant more to the TEAM.

How do you see it?