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Updated Titans Training Camp Recap - July 31, 2013

Greetings from St. Thomas Sports Park! Who is the Titans best wide receiver? It's a close race but my money is on Justin Hunter.

Justin Hunter making noise at Titans training camp
Justin Hunter making noise at Titans training camp
Sports By Sharona

Once again the offense got the better of the defense. if training camp is any barometer, the Titans offense is going to be fun to watch (again) in 2013. The Titans are running a lot of trick plays and the running game is looking pretty strong.

Jake Locker keeps getting better. He is still making a few mistakes but the offense is really rolling right now. The Titans are finally taking advantage of what Locker brings and Titans offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains has put his stamp on things and it's a nice one.

I spent some time watching Chance Warmack today and the rookie looked good overall. He held his own in on his first full day of practice and looks to be every bit as good as promised. The run game looked really good today with some nice runs including some good gains by Shonn Greene.

I spent some time watching the wide receivers in drills with the defensive backs and Justin Hunter looked amazing. Overall, this wide receiver group is pretty good. Justin Hilton is a nice quick receiver who was out there making plays. It was great to see and Dontel Watkins also looks good. Kendall Wright made some nice plays and truly does look in better shape.

Quinn Johnson and Collin Mooney are getting their opportunities to show what they bring besides blocking skills. Q Johnson has made some really nice plays running and in the passing game. It will be interesting to see if the Titans carry a FB this year. Mooney is just a bulldozer and he is a tough guy.

What I really want to talk about is Justin Hunter and Kenny Britt because I caused a bit of a tweet storm when I said Hunter was easily the best wide receiver the Titans have on the roster. He really has been having a great few days and today was one of the best. Let's talk about the difference between the two and you will see why I give Hunter the edge.

Don't get me wrong. Kenny Britt is a good wide receiver. He is big, strong and generally has pretty soft hands. If the ball is thrown in his vicinity he is going to make the catch more times than not. He uses his strength well to make plays OVER defensive backs. His size and strength are his advantages and he generally uses them well.

Between the two, Britt and Hunter should make some big plays for the Titans. Justin Hunter is a just different type receiver. What Hunter does is pretty remarkable and is a rare gift. I think we are finally seeing the promise Hunter showed early in his college career that we didn't see on the field in 2012.

Hunter has some moves you see in truly great wide receivers. He can bob his his head, stutter step and the next thing you know he is behind the defensive back(s). They had a lot of trouble covering him today. In team drills, Locker pitched the ball to Darius Reynaud (seems to be a pattern) who throws it back to Locker who then hits Hunter for a completion. Hunter had to make adjustments and catch the ball over 3 defenders. It was fantastic. I should note he did have one drop too.

[UPDATE] I should point out that Hunter can also make plays over defensive backs as he has great leaping ability. I forgot to include that as well and thanks to those who reminded me of it. The photographs of him in camp show that ability well.

In other notes, Colin McCarthy was back taking some snaps with the first team defense. He looks good and I would be shocked if he isn't back manning the MLB spot soon. Not a knock on Moise Fokou at all who has also been good. I thought Gooden had a nice practice as well.

Ropati Pituitua is still getting some significant snaps as the the Titans continue to rotate the defensive linemen. Kam Wimbley is still playing both left defensive end and right defensive end. Keyunta Dawson is fighting hard for a roster spot. Coty Sensabaugh had a tough day in individual drills with the receivers. Hunter also just outmaneuvered Tommie Campbell in individual drills. Tracy Wilson looked good and I am starting to think he may take the final safety spot.

That's it for now but I will go through my tweets and photos to see if there are other items of interest. No photos included in today's recap but you can find my photos from today here.