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Training Camp Talk: Who Will Lead The Titans In Receptions?

The Titans have one of the more talented group of receivers then they have had in a couple of years. Which one will have the most receptions.

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With camp in full swing, and position battles galore, the Titans have a couple of wide-outs looking to make a huge impact this year. They already have 1 extremely talented and physical wide-out who has shown flashes of being great. They also have a second year player looking to build on his solid rookie year, and they drafted another WR, who could turn out to be special. Along with a crafty veteran and a newly squired TE, the Titans should be able to air the ball out a little bit more than last year. A lot of this hinders on QB Jake Locker's production and how his play is of course. For arguments sake will just say he is going to have a solid year.

To the list

1. WR-Kendall Wright.

Some people think Kenny Britt will have a massive year this year, and I certainly hope so as well. I think Kenny will have more TD's, while Kendall looks to get the ball down the field. Now I'm not saying Wright won't have any TD's, but Britt is made for the jump ball. Kendall dropped some weight this off-season and by all reports looks shiftier and quicker. His hands should be better than his rookie year, but he surprisingly didn't have a lot of drops last year. He also led all the rookies in his draft class with 64 receptions, so he isn't too far off having a 80-100 reception season.

2. TE-Delanie Walker, Taylor Thompson, or Craig Stevens.

I know I am cheating on this one, but hear me out. This could be a good thing, because that means Jake did a lot of checking down and made good decisions. I know it seems boring a TE is your leading receiver (unless its 'Gronk or Jimmy Graham), but this is a good sign. Remember when Steve McNair threw to Frank Wycheck or Jackie Harris every time a passing situation happened? I do, especially in his first couple of seasons, or until he got Derrick Mason and Drew Bennett catching most of his deep passes. I can't pick one in particular, but if I had to lean toward one TE having more than the rest, then I'll pick it safe and go with Taylor Thompson. He is the more pure receiver than the others.

3. WR-Kenny Britt.

The only reason he isn't number 1 on this list is because of his prior history. Now I'm not saying he hasn't turned a new leaf per say, because everything has been positive so far, so I hope that translates to his on field production. Now Kenny is a deep threat and I do believe he will lead the team in TD reception's, but for me to believe he will lead the team in receptions means rookie Justin Hunter will require more attention from the safeties. Because as soon as Kenny Britt hopefully breaks out, all of you know he will be double covered.

4. WR-Nate Washington.

Now I hope I am completely wrong about this one, because if Nate leads the team in receptions, that means heads will roll. Unless Nate turns in Panthers WR Steve Smith circa 2004. If Nate leads the team in receptions that means four things happened. 1. Jake Locker did not have a good season and more than likely will not be our QB of the future. 2. Kendall Wright regressed instead of progressed, which I hope does not happen. 3. Kenny Britt will not be a Titan. 4. None of the TE's can be relied upon to help bail out Jake in his read progressions. A lot of positive things are coming out of camp and most this past off-season that Britt, Hunter, and Wright are going to produce. So unless it's all smoke and mirrors, which I hope it isn't, Nate Washington will hopefully not lead the team in receptions, sorry Nate fans.

5. WR-Justin Hunter.

If Justin Hunter leads the team in receptions I will be thoroughly surprised to say the least. As of right now all the negative things I said about his mini-camp hamstring problems seem to be forgotten, because he has looked really explosive in camp so far. He's got all the intangibles to be a nightmare for D-coordinators, especially when it comes to being a vertical threat. If he leads the team in receptions, then I kind of don't see Kenny Britt still being on the team, because of his past injury and legal history. I hope Britt, Hunter, and Wright will still be around together for the next couple of years, but if Hunter turns out to be what we all hope, than Britt is expendable.

Till next time, stay classy.

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