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Tennessee Titans Fans Off Season Survival Guide

What does a die hard Titans fan do to get through the summer?

Don't cry Nathan, camp will be here soon enough.
Don't cry Nathan, camp will be here soon enough.

Now that we are getting into the dog days of summer titans fans need to reach out to each other and help get through the off season. There are a number of philosophies and coping mechanisms for any type of withdrawal, and I'm interested in hearing what yours is.

So how do you get through the summer months with no football?

"There is no off season" is almost true in today's NFL as far as a fan is concerned. With Twitter, NFL Network and social media having everyone in constant contact, you can still keep your fingers on the pulse of your favorite franchise no matter how slow it may be beating.

Others may get away from it all and almost try and forget football altogether. I find myself listening to more music on the radio as opposed to sports radio in the summer. Mainly because I don't care about other sports, but it's also nice to be able and take a break for a little while.

So how do you handle the off season? Do you get away and refresh, returning to the game totally revitalized and ready for the new season? OR do eek by day by day sifting for every nugget and flake of Titan info you can get your grubby little fingers on?

Here's my plan:

  1. Obviously check into MCM throughout the day to stay in touch with the Titans community and get my news and opinions.
  2. Take on all long term projects I can get my hands on for the household. If I can get the bookshelf built and the dining room table fixed this summer, I don't have to worry about my Sundays in the fall.
  3. Take your foot of the gas a little bit. Outside of my contact with MCM, I would get away from football a little bit. It's hard to do, but it makes the return of the season all the more exciting. (By season I mean training camp.)
  4. Go to the open training camps. Major football fix here and very fun.
That's about it for me. Due to free agency and the draft followed by OTAs and minicamps, the off season is only about 5-6 weeks, which is doable.
So how do you get through the off season?