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Titans Training Camp Player Spotlight - Taylor Thompson

One player I want to highlight from the first series of practices is Taylor Thompson. The second year tight end could be poised for a big year.

Taylor Thompson lines up in the slot
Taylor Thompson lines up in the slot
Sports By Sharona

With the sidelining of Delanie Walker, Taylor Thompson has benefited and there are few interesting things I saw from the first series of practices. First, let me say his hands have greatly improved from the 2012 season. Second, the Titans look to use him in a wide variety of ways.


The Titans have Taylor lining up as a wide receiver not only in formation but as a motion play. He has lined up at every receiver position including slot as you see above.


Here he is in the slot just on the other side.


He is also lining up at tight end in some sets and here he is working out with the TE group.


I had originally pegged Thompson to break out in year 3 but he is looking like a viable option in the passing game this year. It will be interesting to see how the snaps get divided when Delanie Walker comes back.