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How the Titans offense can be solved in two words

What easy concept should the Titans coaches employ to be more effective?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

After watching camp on that new incredible app, I can't help but think the key to offensive success is sitting right in front of the Titans coaches. The two words Dowell Loggains needs to remember at all times: roll out.

An offense can't survive on roll outs alone, but the Titans should call a designed read-option roll out once in every three passing attempts. It is clear that Locker does a much better job when moving outside the pocket than he does between the tackles and there are simple reasons for that.

A) While only half of the field is available, splitting the field into halves limits the number of defenders that Locker has to account for, making the concepts simple: option one, option two, run.

B) Using his legs to threaten defenders puts them in no man's land, meaning that there is no way they can be right. Either they give up a short completion or they give Locker space to run. While this seems like an easy choice, it is rare that you see anyone take Locker down on first contact in the open field, and if the Titans played this sort of offense he might actually have more yards after contact than CJ.

C) Despite reporters focusing on negative reports, Locker is actually having a really steady camp. Locker looks slightly more comfortable and aside from one bad overthrow he has been productive.

D) If an when defenders start committing to Locker, Chris Johnson and the destructive offensive line of the Titans will be able to gash opposing teams in the running game.

I can't wait to see the Titans in action to see just how committed Loggains is to the run/PA offense, and only time can tell if it will work. Having said that, I would run that offense every day of the week if the alternative was to just leave Locker in the pocket for entire games.