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Which player can the Titans not live without?

With the rash of injuries, which players should the Titans be especially careful with?

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The victims of training camp have already started. First it was small time players like Aaron Berry of the New York Jets and Jonas Mouton of the San Diego Chargers, but now pro-bowl players are being lost for the season.

Injuries know no names and each is devastating in its own way, but for an NFL franchise the caliber of player does matter. Dennis Pitta is now out for the season with a hip injury and the Ravens may need to seriously look at some possession receivers and tight ends to help fill the void. Also, Jeremy Maclin was injured during positional drills on Saturday and is out for the season.

Injuries like this always make me wonder which players the Titans absolutely need to be healthy in order to have a good season. In an ideal world everyone would be healthy and this wouldn't even be a concern, however we all know that injuries are inevitable so without further delay here is the Titans player that I think the Titans couldn't live without...Michael Roos LT.

Michael Roos is a key cog in every phase of the offense. On running plays he will be asked to either seal of a backside defender or reach block an edge player. This is a demanding run-blocking scheme that requires athleticism and strength, both of which Roos is fortunate to have.

On passing plays the high-end LT will have to deal with a plethora of speed and power rusher who are trying to contain the outside running game and bootlegs.

Roos is a key ingredient for the Titans and losing him would be a big blow, so here is to his continued good health.

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