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Tennessee Titans: Highlights From Dowell Loggains Presser

The media received what seemed like a wealth of insight to the Titans offense with a Q&A session after Saturday's practice. Here's a breakdown of the major points.

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You can watch the entire interview session here on

* Kenny will be solely at the X position.

All other receivers are playing everywhere and learning every position, even though Justin Hunter will primarily be an outside receiver. The Titans are obviously counting on Britt to be the number one no matter what. They will have options with everyone else being able to play the other spots. I'm interested to see how much action Kendall Wright will get outside if any when they only go two receiver sets.

* Delanie Walker being out is kind of a big deal.

Not because he won't return soon, but because it has slowed the install of the plays they will be running. The most interesting part is that Delanie has plays that are designed strictly for him and his versatile skill set.

"We wouldn't use Taylor the same way we would use Delanie."

The upside is that Taylor Thompson will be getting a lot of reps and it's a good opportunity for him to work with the offense.

* Akeem Ayers, Zach Brown and Bernard Pollard have all stood out on tape.

When asked whether or not Ayers posed problems in pass protection he said that he does, and that they would never put CJ or Greene on him. That gives Gray and Williams a lot of flexability on moving him around.

* The next few days will start to separate the players on the depth chart.

Putting the pads on steps things up a notch and allows some players to tap into another skill set. Loggains is excited about getting rookie center Brian Schwenke in pads. He's a big guy that can really throw guys around.

* Loggains expects Roos and Stewart to both be here "a long time".

I'm glad Stewart has been able to practice with the team and will be putting the pads on. I had concerns about his leg injury and the recovery time line after he sat out during OTA's. Now that the Titans have rebuilt the interior line, the talented bookends need to continue to play at a high level.

* Time of possession is "huge" for Loggains.

Statistically at least. Loggains said "that's what's going to help Jake Locker more than anything." He spoke about getting 4 yards on first down and not going backwards on second down. Too many times last year the Titans would go from 2nd and 6 to 3rd and long. Keeping the game in manageable situations is definitely a goal of Loggains. He also spoke of how important it is to tie the run game and play action together.

* On why Craig Stevens is always getting in fights during camp.

"because he's a tough guy...he's always gonna be that guy that does his job and finishes, and some guys don't like that."

Craig Stevens just took another step up in my favorites category.

* And finally, when asked about keeping three quarterbacks, Loggains said

"I would stand on the table to keep Rusty..."

* Dowell also had some interesting comments on what Jake Locker needs to do this season. I will be posting that in it's own article later.