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Should Titans worry about a rookie? Not a Chance

Why the Chance Warmack contract talks are not a big deal.


Don't let the flurry of recent signings distract you, Chance Warmack missing a few camp practices is not a big deal. Actually now that I think about it, this may actually benefit Chance Warmack and the Titans.

Reason 1: Endurance

Most rookies hit a wall about 10 games through the season due to the NFL being much more intensive than college. Colleges generally play around 14 games during the course of a year, so if you add in the rigors of training camp, OTAs, preseason, a full 16-game season, and possibly the playoffs, missing a little practice early might keep him healthier.

Reason 2: Avoiding a David Decastro-esque accident

After a dominant rookie guard (obviously David Decastro) suffered a terrible leg injury in a meaningless preseason game, I am worried about Warmack sustaining an injury in the preseason. The Titans new offense hinges on a strong running game, and while they do finally have quality depth, there is a reason why they drafted a guard tenth overall.

Warmack has the potential to be the best guard to come out in a decade, I wouldn't want his progress slowed by injury.

Reason 3: This is a great way to quickly evaluate depth.

With six new faces on the offensive line, the time without Warmack will give the coaches a chance to give everyone a significant number of snaps. Competition never hurt anyone, and getting the most detailed look at each player can only help them when it comes time to cut down the roster.