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Titans training camp battles: Cornerback

We talked earlier this week about the Titans training camp battle at cornerback. Here is an update through the first two days.


Alterraun Verner never gets respect during training camp. Every year it seems like they are rotating someone in with him on the first team reps, and every year he ends up winning the job. This year, it appears, is no exception. All of the reports from training camp on Friday night said that Tommie Campbell was working with the first team.

This is no different than last season when Campbell was getting a lot of love in camp. As you already know, by the first week of the season Campbell could only be found on a milk carton.

The real story, however, seems to be Coty Sensabaugh. He has a pick in each of the first two practices. He saw some action last season as the nickel corner late in the year.

Sensabaugh isn't going to win the outside job, so his best hope of getting on the field is for ATV to win the second corner job over Campbell.

Blidi Wreh-Wilson has been quiet so far. Hopefully that will change in the coming days.