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Is it time to extend ATV or let him go?

Cornerback Alterraun Verner is a MCM favorite just like Cortland Finnegan before him. Is it time for him to get paid or sent his walking papers via free agency?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Is it time to give cornerback Alterraun Verner an extension much like his partner in crime, Jason McCourty?

My answer: No.

ATV has been a revelation for the Titans so far in his career but it may be getting too expensive to keep him and McCourty on the roster for much longer. Look, I'm just a big fan of ATV as the next guy but it is a harsh and cold business when it's all said and done. Frankly, the Titans made their choice in keeping either McCourty or Verner a couple years ago with McCourty signing the big contract. The adage that you need at least three solid corners is a true one, especially in today's wide open, throw it around the park 40 times NFL. I'm just not sure that it's a solid strategy for the Titans to emulate the Jets for overpaying their secondary. Alterraun Verner, for all of his commendable talents, is not in Antonio Cromartie's class of corners to demand a similar contract. It's just not worth it to pay him that kind of starter's money when he's ideally suited to be in the nickel role. Perhaps the Titans have been preparing for the contingency that Verner leaves with restocking their corner depth during the past draft or two. We all can hope that the situation is resolved a little more diplomatically than the Cortland Finnegan negotiations. They certainly have a lot of players to compete for his spot. Let's take a look at some of them.

The In-House options:

1. Blidi Wreh-Wilson - You can read my BWW scouting report

2. Coty Sensabaugh - Is he ready for a heavier workload as a nickel back?

3. Tommie Campbell - Will the special teams headcase grow up and become a player on defense?

4. Khalid Wooten - My Scouting Report here

NFL Draft options:

1. Bradley Roby 5'11 190 RS Junior Ohio State - The top ranked corner available and should be a first round pick despite recently joining the now infamous club of renegade players arrested under Urban Meyer's watch.

Noles Big Board rank: #6

2. Justin Gilbert 6'0 200 Senior Oklahoma State - A corner with a decent amount of return ability. He should be schooled in the finer arts of pass defense given the passing aptitude of the Big 12. Round projection: late first to early second

Noles Big Board rank: #20

3. Ifo Ekpre-Olomu 5'10 190 Junior Oregon - The Ducks top corner on an underrated defense that will be relied upon more heavily this year. Most underrated corner in the nation. Round projection: Second to Third round

Noles Big Board rank: #26

4. Louchiez Purifoy 6'0 185 Junior Florida - One of the nation's best on a loaded Gators defense. Round projection: First

Noles Big Board rank: #30

5. Marcus Roberson 6'0 195 Junior Florida - Might be even better than teammate Purifoy. Round projection: Third

Noles Big Board rank: #38

6. Aaron Colvin 6'0 182 Senior Oklahoma - Can he outdo Gilbert for the top corner in the state of Oklahoma title? Round projection: late Third to early 4th

Noles Big Board rank: #41