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Tennessee Titans: Don't Forget About Dowell Loggains

The Tennessee Titans have done everything they could to bolster the offense around Jake Locker this off season. But there's one vital piece to the puzzle that has even less experience.


How much is riding on Dowell Loggains?

The Titans have made a lot of moves this off season in order to try and put a winning product on the field. With a heavy dose of attention placed on the offensive side of the ball, it seems that all the onus is being placed on Jake Locker to have a good season.

The offensive line has been rebuilt from the inside out with, at the least, two new guards in Andy Levitre and Chance Warmack. This should help the penetration in the run game as well as give the young signal caller more time to get through his progressions.

The running back corps has been solidified with the addition of Shonn Greene. Whether or not you agree with his contract, Greene will provide a relief effort and different look for the defense for the first time since Lendale White.

The Titans traded in Jared Cooks big play making ability for Delanie Walkers versatility. Craig Stevens is always reliable in blocking and a sure handed, if not elusive, receiver as well. Taylor Thompson is the real wild card and could make dramatic advancements this coming year in the passing game.

Finally, the wide receivers could be the Titans best position group from top to bottom. Something I can't ever remember thinking. The sky's the limit with Kenny Britt, and Kendall Wright led rookies in receptions last year. With near first round pick Justin Hunter thrown into the mix and veteran Nate Washington having his best off season ever, there shouldn't be a problem finding an open man when needed.

So now it's all on Jake Locker. Right?

Well don't forget about Dowell Loggains.

Dowell took over the coordinating duties for Chris Palmer after he was relieved following a loss to the Jaguars in week 12 last year. Loggains learned under the late Mike Heimerdinger and was promoted from being Locker's quarterbacks coach. He got his feet wet enough last year not to be too shocked at calling the plays live during an NFL game, although the playbook was not his own.

Everyone seems excited about the new playbook, as it's stated purpose is to simplify routes and themes in order to help put Locker and the receivers on the same page. But then again, when do you remember players saying how much they hated a system during the off season? Coming into the 2012 season all the talk was about how much of Palmer's system we didn't get to see his first year because of the lockout. Palmer's full on implementation during the second season had everyone excited because they could finally do everything he had been wanting to do. All the bells and whistles would finally be unleashed. We all know how that turned out.

I believe Loggains' playbook will be fine due to his tutelage and time in the NFL. Time will tell how the play calling goes and how good he is at making adjustments as needed during the game. The plays may be fine on paper, but feeling the ebb and flow of play calling is something that can only come with experience. It will be incumbent upon Locker to communicate with Loggains and they should work together as much as possible. The two of them have a combined 17 "starts" between them, and are now dependent on each other for success in this league.