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Besides the 1999 SB Team, Which Titans Team Has Been Your Favorite?

The 1999 Super Bowl team is obviously a fan favorite as well it should be, but the Titans have fielded some pretty good teams. Which other ones have been your favorites?

Kerry Collins celebrates a TD at LP Field on December 7, 2008
Kerry Collins celebrates a TD at LP Field on December 7, 2008
Kevin C. Cox

Obviously the Super Bowl team of 1999 should be a fan favorite, but what other Titans teams have been one of your favorite teams? You could make a good argument the 2000 Titans were actually a better team than the 1999 team. In 2003, Steve McNair won the co-MVP award along with Peyton Manning.

The 2004 team was decimated by cap casualties and injuries and just wasn't very good. Still, they went to Green Bay and played the Packers on Monday Night Football and gave a Brett Favre led Packers team a resounding defeat.

One of my personal favorite teams was the 2008 team even if they did lose (again) to the Ravens in the playoffs. Sigh. That team wasn't supposed to be very good after starting out with a big quarterback controversy following Young's benching in the first game of the season against Jacksonville. Kerry Collins was handed the reins to the team following a well publicized meltdown by Young following the game.

The league was in disbelief when they started off with a winning record and went undefeated until losing to a Brett Favre led New York Jets team at home in week 12. The return of Jevon Kearse helped spark a defense that was one of the best in the league. The Titans would finish the regular season 13-3. Despite the playoff loss, that team could have imploded but instead they pulled together and shocked the league. Man, I loved that team.

So, who ya got? Let's call the Super Bowl team a given. What other Titans team have you really liked and why?