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The Tennessee Titans Are Getting Personal

The Titans are getting more personal with each other and the coaches this off season. Camaraderie and a healthy team atmosphere could be vital to the Titans season.


It all started with a heavy dose of veteran free agents to supplement a young but hopefully talented roster. Strong leadership from the likes of Delanie Walker, Andy Levitre, George Wilson and Bernard Pollard will hopefully help cultivate a good locker room.

Next came reports out of OTA's that head coach Mike Munchak was working with the offensive linemen personally. Finally feeling comfortable enough with his duties and role as head coach, Munchak was able to put down the clipboard for a moment and get dirty.

The effect of this shouldn't be understated or overlooked. Everyone's job is on the line and everyone knows it. How much harder will the linemen work knowing their Hall Of Fame head coach worked with them personally on their technique? Will they try and hold that block for one more split second than they thought they could? Hopefully the accountability this creates will work its way through the entire position group.

Next comes off the wrist band. Dowell Loggains' simplified play book will have numerous effects on the offense. Along with easier, simpler reads, the language has been cut down significantly as well. This will enable Jake Locker to no longer need the wristband in order to call plays.

"We've done it both ways, but I think it's kind of nice sometimes, especially as an offensive lineman, when the quarterback is looking you in the eye telling you what we're going to do," Munchak said. "He's calling the play, he's looking at you, he's making plays, you're getting eye contact."

Maybe these things won't mean that much in the long run, but I like to think they will. In a league filled with talent on every team at almost every position sometimes it just comes down to who wants it more. This team has a tough schedule out of the gate and will assuredly hit bumps along the way. Trying to recover from a very frustrating season, this team will need to stick together during the rough patches if the coaching staff wants to keep their jobs. Munchak and company are doing everything they can to make the players on this team play for them and for each other.