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If you could add one camp FA, who would it be?

The Titans might talk to some FAs during camp if some players aren't up to their standards. Who would you be interested in?

Patrick Smith

So, as camp looms I can't help but think about what the Titans could do to improve their roster. I ended up with a shortlist of players that I think could help the Titans and I want to hear your input on how interested you are in each player.

1. Fullback Vonta Leach

Where he fits: The Titans will probably use a more mobile TE/FB, but the reason Leach would be great is two-fold. Firstly, he wouldn't be on the Texans. Secondly, for my money there is no better individual run blocker in the game in terms of opening up space for RBs. His physicality and strength would make the Titans short game much simpler, and it would re-assign the label of physicality the Titans had in the mid 2000s.

2. Defensive End John Abraham

Where he fits: Abraham is only a role player at this point, but getting pressure and sacks on third down is a great asset to a defense. I can't tell you how many times in recent years that the Titans have lined up in 3rd and 7ish territory and the QB has had enough time to read the field and make the easy read. With Abraham you definitely wouldn't have as much of that.

3. Defensive Tackle Richard Seymour

Where he fits: My 53 man predicted roster only has four defensive tackles on it, and the fourth tackle spot is really up for grabs. Seymour is a veteran that is still very good at what he does so there would be no harm in having him as a "B" team DT. Also, Seymour has been in New England and Oakland for his career, neither of which are close to his hometown in Georgia. Being a short flight away may not seem like much comfort to us, but to his family it might make all the difference.

So let me know what you think, which players do you want to see in two-toned blue?

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