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Tennessee Titans: Chance Warmack Still Unsigned.

Offset language is holding up Chance Warmack's deal. Should Titans fans be concerned?

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The Tennessee Titans first round draft pick Chance Warmack has yet to sign with the team. With only a handful of days left before training camp opens, it looks less and less likely that a deal will be complete by the time the players take the field.

This could be the first little gray cloud in what has been a shining off season by fans standards for the team. The new CBA was supposed to resolve these issues by slotting the players and their contracts. Apparently the hold up in this contract is the "offset language".

Here is a great article that explains what this actually means.

Basically, the offset language is about the only arguing point agents have left to stand their ground on. If a player is released and then signed by another team before the end of his contract, the new team's contract would count towards the guaranteed money of the primary contract. If there is no offset language placed in the contract, then the player will receive the money from both contracts.

Given the extreme rarity that a top ten player is released before the end of his contract combined with the longevity that a guard should have in the league, I find this debate ridiculous. I usually side with the teams in contract disputes, but not in this case. The Titans drafted Chance Warmack to be their anchor on the offensive line for years to come so who cares about this language? Is the Titans' brass so worried that they missed on this draft pick that they need another team to pick up the balance if they should cut him before his first contract is up?

It's important for everyone to be at camp of course, but maybe none more so than the offensive line. This position group works more as a unit than any other and needs to learn the feel of the guys around them. It's imperative that this newly formed group get as many reps playing next to each other as possible by the start of the season. A delayed camp holdout by it's newest member will not bode well.

Hopefully the Titans stop being stubborn and get this deal done.