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Titans top three storylines heading into camp

What to look for when camp starts in less than a week.

Frederick Breedon

Now that camp is almost here, what story lines should you be closely watching? Let me tell you my top three.

#3: Who gets to start at center?

if you follow my articles you know that I am a fan of Fernando Velasco, but I also love Brian Schwenke's nasty disposition and his quickness. This position battle doesn't have a lot of fanfare, but the center position is one of the most important positions on the offensive line.

This position will tell us a lot about what the Titans want out of the 2013 season. Will they choose the proven veteran or will they try to lock in the chemistry on the young offensive line tandem of Levitre, Schwenke and Warmack? Do they want a quicker offensive line that can get to the next level, or do they prefer Velasco's proven man-to-man power blocking? I don't know but it will be exciting to see what they do.

#2: How does Justin Hunter look?

Like Kendall Wright before him, Hunter has missed some time training this offseason and fans are starting to get anxious. Will Hunter look like the freak athlete that he was at the combine (or even what he looked like during his sophomore year at UT) or will he look rusty and out of place.

If Hunter can stretch the field and prove that he is worth 15-25 snaps per game then Titans fans will forget his earlier absences. If he doesn't look good then he will have an uphill battle convincing fans that he was worth the trade up.

#1: How does Jake Locker look live?

Locker has had rave reviews and numbers this offseason, but how will he preform in live conditions? The Titans have done all they can to make sure Jake Locker is comfortable and effective, if he can't produce now the Titans will definitely have to look elsewhere in 2014.

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