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Did the Tennessee Titans improve? WR edition

Simple question for you: Did the Tennessee Titans improve at wide receiver from 2012 to 2013?

Frederick Breedon
The Titans make a move at the receiver position every offseason that looks like it will finally solve all of the receiver problems this franchise has had since they moved to Tennessee, and every season something goes wrong with either the guy they acquired or a guy that was already on the roster. Is this the year that trend changes?

2012 receivers: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, Damian Williams, Lavelle Hawkins, Michael Preston (1/2 the season), Marc Mariani (IR)
2013 receivers: Kenny Britt, Nate Washington, Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter, Damian Williams, Michael Preston, Marc Mariani

Advantage: 2013

This is the third straight position group that looks better in 2013. Again, the Titans have had years where it looked like everything was going to come together at the position and it didn't, but this group has the chance to be dynamic. Britt should be healthy, Wright has a year under his belt, and Hunter (if he can get on the field) gives them a guy that can take the top off the defense. Fingers crossed, looks like a clear upgrade.

So, did the Titans get better at receiver this year?

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