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Predicting Delanie Walker's 2013 stats

Delanie Walker was one of the key free agent acquisitions for the Tennessee Titans this offseason. What kind of numbers will he put up in his first year with the team?

Norm Hall

Here were the answers I got when I asked for the Facebook crowd to predict Delanie Walker's 2013 stats:


That averages out to 609 yards receiving and 7 touchdowns. Again, those numbers are pretty close to what I would predict. The yardage number is actually pretty low because that comes out to just 38 yards per game. Dowell Loggains is going to want to get a little bit more out of Walker than that.

The value Walker brings to this team is so much more than just the yards, however. He is going to be a major upgrade as a blocker over what they had last season.

What are your predictions for his yards and touchdowns in 2013?

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