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What are your thoughts on the length of the NFL season?

Should the NFL season be longer, shorter, or stay just the way it is?


There was some talk a couple of years ago about extending the NFL season to 18 games. The NFL season is so awesome that adding more to it could only make it more least that is what I thought back then.

Now I think the NFL season is perfect the way it is. 16 games allows for the schedule as we know it now, which in my opinion is perfect.

In addition to that, just look at how many injuries the Titans suffered last season during 16 games. 18 games would just make that list longer. It would shorten the careers of players, and in the end would water down the product. You would see a decrease in quality of play in the playoffs, and that would be terrible because the NFL playoffs are the best thing in professional sports.

Those are my thoughts on why the season is perfect just the way it is. What say ye?

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