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Tennessee Titans: Craig Stevens As A Fullback?

Craig Stevens has been listed on the Tennessee Titans depth chart as the starting fullback for awhile now. Could this really be the end of Quinn Johnson?

Thomas B. Shea

I had my first co-hosting experience on Music City Miracles Radio the other night with the regular maestro August West. With little breaking news to go over, August and I put on our bifocals and pocket protectors and went for a way too early break down of the final 53 man roster for the Titans. August and I weren't too far off of each other, but there was one disagreement that I was surprised to hear and actually hadn't previously entertained. Quinn Johnson was gone.

While some debate the need for a team to even carry a fullback, the Titans still use one and I believe Chris Johnson likes to run behind one. One thing CJ has is patience (some may say too much) and he can ride behind a lead blocker while one gap turns into two. The Titans also resigned Johnson to a 2 year deal earlier this spring. Regardless, head coach Mike Munchak has even said they plan on using the fullback position for about 15% of the snaps this coming year.

So we know there will be a fullback in the game plan, but who is it? The Titans depth chart on their homepage has shown Craig Stevens as the starting fullback for some time now. Does that mean anything?

Stevens has the size and athleticism to play the position for sure. He has proven to be an excellent in line blocker and get down the field as well. He could easily replace Quinn Johnson when coming out of the backfield on a delayed wheel route (one of my favorite plays). The question is whether he can lead block out of the backfield as effectively or consistently as Quinn.

One could make the case for Delanie Walker taking over this spot. His nickname is "the Swiss Army Knife" isn't it? If the Titans could substitute one of these players when needed at fullback, and free up a roster spot at the same time, then why not?

The mismatch possibilities would be endless with Stevens or Walker at the fullback position. You could possibly even see all three tight ends on the field at the same time. Tune in tomorrow for a break down of how the Titans could use this formation to create mismatches on the field.

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