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More Details On the Gregg Williams Lawsuit

The lawsuit involving Gregg Williams has been removed to federal court and I have obtained the legal documents. What do they reveal?


I have been able to obtain a copy of the legal pleadings in the lawsuit against Gregg Williams and there are a few interesting details to note from the lawsuit:

1. The lawsuit makes it clear Greene is suing for an injury he sustained on December 5, 2004;

2. The play where Greene claims he was injured was flagged and determined to be a penalty;

3. Robert Royal was lining up as a TE and made a low block that struck Greene in the knees "at full speed."

4. Greene was playing on that date despite being listed as "doubtful" for a pre-existing injury to his left knee;

5. That he was helped off the field following the injury and underwent reconstructive surgery in the offseason;

6. Greene is claiming he suffered a career ending injury to his left knee and was released by the Giants because of his left knee injury;

7. In the weeks following the injury, Greene reported his suspicions that it was a deliberately targeted hit to Tom Coughlin, his head coach with the Giants, who told him it was not possible it was intentional;

8. His concerns were published in a New York post article on December 7, 2004;

9. His claims against Gregg Williams are for negligence. He claims Williams had a duty to coach the game in a safe and reasonable manner and not to expose players he coached against to the risk of injury; and

10. Williams violated that duty by "cultivating a culture of violence" that encouraged players to engage in plays outside the rules of the game.

You will find a link to the lawsuit below. The lawsuit was originally filed in the local court system but was removed by the Redskins to federal Court on July 8, 2013. The Redskins have filed a Motion to Dismiss the lawsuit (a link to it as well) asking the federal judge to dismiss the lawsuit for lack of timely filing and because the claims are preempted by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). No hearing date has been set yet.

One interesting thing to note is that there are no attorneys to date representing Robert Royal or Gregg Williams and the attorneys representing the Redskins are skating a fine line in the documents. Still, the gist of the filings mirror what I said previously and that is the CBA would appear to govern his claims. The Redskins are making it clear that the court system has no subject matter jurisdiction since Greene did exhaust his remedies under the CBA. In other words, the Court doesn't have the authority to allow the lawsuit to proceed since he was obligated to pursue his remedies under the CBA. I would tend to think the federal judge would agree.

I will update as more information becomes available.

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