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Clash of the Titans: Casey vs Warmack

If/When Casey and Warmack face off against each other in training camp, which will get the better of the other? My take.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best drills in training camps is the "down the line" drills. This is when the first team OL and first team DL face off against each other. In years past the drill was highlighted by KVB vs Stewart, Kearse vs Roos and Haynesworth vs Mawae, and this year may have another great tandem: Casey vs Warmack.

So who would win a match up between a proven veteran and a talented rookie?

The case for Casey

Jurrell Casey is one of the most underrated DTs in the league. Casey was the 7th ranked DT (out of 85) in terms of overall play according to Pro Football Focus. Not only that, but Casey was also the 15th ranked DT in Bleacher Report's Matt Miller's latest "B/R NFL 1000 rankings".

Casey has a unique blend of speed, size and power that make him tough for offensive linemen to handle in one-on-one situations. If Casey can prove that he is a consistent force to be reckoned with he, Sammie Lee Hill, and Mike Martin may be the best DT group in football.

The case for Warmack

Some people (Gil Brandt comes to mind) called Warmack the top player in the NFL draft and you can't argue with his tape or track record. The former 'Bama guard lead the charge on the offensive line, blocking for three elite backs during his time in college all while protecting some very good QBs.

Warmack has elite potential and he has a chance to be the best guard in the NFL. If he can quickly figure out the speed of the game the Titans will have easy running lanes for Chris Johnson.

My prediction

I love Casey's quickness, but Warmack could prove to be too strong. Warmack has top-end strength and if he gets a hold of Casey it is game over. Casey's best option would be to quickly attack one shoulder so that he can limit Warmack's power. However if Warmack can square up, Casey can't hope to match his strength.

This will be one of the most entertain match ups, and I can't wait to watch.