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Which Titans starters have the biggest question marks?

In a training camp with more that one positional battle, which incumbents are on the shakiest ground.

Frederick Breedon

Going into training camp, one of the most important things a team has to do is self evaluation. The Titans have to look long and hard at their starters and figure out which ones should be safe and which will have to compete to stay alive. There are two main reasons why a starter gets benched: poor performance or injury. After looking at the roster, this is who i believe falls into each category.

injury: David Stewart RT

Stewart has been a great RT for the Titans over his entire career, but a broken leg and a slow recovery aren't good thing. The Titans need an OT that has range and one that can still be a bulldozer, if Stewart can't get it done the Titans may need to look at everyone's favorite FA right tackle, Eric Winston.

Performance: Michael Griffin S

It is no secret that I think Griffin should be benched. I think he needs a lot of help around him to succeed and a player like that shouldn't be making as much money as he is. If the Titans can't restructure his deal then it might be time to cut bait.

Performance: Quinn Johnson FB

Johnson played 257 snaps last year, and while he wasn't necessarily a starter I think that this qualifies. Johnson will be competing for a special team spot most likely and it will be an uphill battle to stay on the team.

Performance: Kamerion Wimbley DE

Wimbley didn't have a bad 2012, but he definitely didn't wow either. With the Titans adding Lavar Edwards and Ropati Pitoitua in the mix at DE (not to mention Akeem Ayers in sub packages) the DE position is getting crowded. I think Wimbley will be a starter or get significant playing time, but I don't think he is a lock.