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The Most Guilty To Play In The NFL.

Reader Discretion: This column is not glorying anything these gentlemen did, but how many good players have missed their chance of being great because they have made some bad decisions. With that being said don't take this post to seriously, but enjoy.


So this is definitely a different article to do, but do to the current events that are going on in New England, I thought what the heck. So with that being said here is my most guilty players to ever play in the NFL.

Rules: The player listed as a starter actually has to be good, or at least showed signs of greatness. Retired players do count and some of the player's criminal activities can vary from just Steroids and DUI to of course Murder.

IF You think this article is too morbid or you think I am joking about something that shouldn't be joked about. Then please click the back button on your browser. IF not enjoy!

Now I can't completely fill every position, but please feel free to add in your own players. I'll start with QB of course.

QB Ben Rothlisberger (crime: attempted rape, settled out of court): His accomplishments are quite incredible, but Big Ben is far from innocent, as far as everyone is concerned. Dis-Honorable Mention: Todd Marinovich and of course Michael Vick

RB O.J. Simpson (crime: robbery and indicated in a double murder): What may be the most polarizing legal case in the history of the United States, OJ Simpson deserves his starting spot at RB hands down. Then he got put in prison for stealing back his "shit" (his words, not mine), but his list of accomplishments are amazing. Dis-Honorable Mention: Lawrence Phillips and Maurice Clarett.

WR Titus Young (crime: being arrested 2 times in one day on burglary charges, drug charges, and gun charges) and of course Rae Carruth (crime: murder of his wife). So Titus Young was the most troubled player off the field before the most current situation, and it really sad because he showed flashes of being really good. Rae Carruth well that goes without saying...Dis-Honorable Mention: Michael Irvin duh and Kenny Britt

TE Aaron Hernandez (crime: charged with 1st degree murder and suspected in a double murder from last year, along with a lot of gun charges). Who saw this coming? Well more and more is coming out about Mr. Hernandez and it doesn't look good for the Ex-Patriot.

Offensive Line: Well this list could include quite a list of individuals, but two really stick out in my mind. Barrett Robbins (Crime: attempted murder and many drug possesion's) and Tony Mandarich (Steroid possesion). Robbins was an all-pro who pretty much help destroy the Raiders Super Bowl and Mandarich was the dubbed "best O-lineman" to ever come out, but was roided out of his mind. In fact he admits to having steroids in his athletic supporter to inject in himself during practice. Dis-Honorable Mention: Nate Newton and Jim Dunaway

Defensive Line: Same thing could be a large list, but will only include one or two who deserve to be here. Leonard Little (crime: Vehicular Homicide and DUI post homicide) and Josh Brent (DUI Manslaughter and Failed Drug Test post Manslaughter. Well Mr. Little who I'm not a big fan of was still playing about 3 years ago, for some reason. Josh Brent also isn't the brightest person, after you've been charged with DUI Manslaughter your gonna fail a drug test, not smart. Dis-Honorable Mention: Albert Haynesworth and Nick Fairley.

Linebackers: Ray Lewis (Crime: indicated in Murder) and Bill Romanowski (Crime: steroid possession and just being an overall mean person). Everyone loves Ray Ray now, but everyone forgets about Mr. Lewis murder charge from 2000. Romo on the other hand may have never had a long record, but he has been indicated in many Steroid bay area consultants, plus he wasn't the nicest guy to his teammates, just ask Marcus Williams, whom Romo assaulted in practice. Dis-Honorable Mention: Rolando McClaine and Shawn Merriman.

Secondary: Well who didn't see this coming Adam "Pac-man" Jones (crime: pick one) and Aquib Talib (crime: an assortment, but I think pistol whipping is probably the most notable). Being a Titan fan i am very familiar with Mr. Jones off field issues, especially the "Make it Rain" incident. Talib may be straightening his career up, but he has quite the rap as also, like pistol whipping someone then firing the gun at them, oh in a mall also.

Please feel free to add on more players in the comments. Anyone I missed in particular please put in.